Charitable Givings

Give Back [Converted]Countywide Petroleum Company has chosen to take a dynamic constructive role in “Giving Back”. Confirming its commitment to support communities, both locally and abroad, here are just a few of Countywide Petroleum’s recent charitable endeavors.

In conjunction with BP’s Fueling Communities Program, Countywide Petroleum Company donated $20,000 to the Onala Recovery Center based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Onala is a non-profit organization that was established in a downtown storefront in 1952 as a place where a small group of recovering men, who shared a common goal of staying sober, could gather. Its name derived from the abbreviation of Alcoholics Anonymous (Al Ano) spelled backward. This was done to protect the anonymity of its members. Over six plus decades, Onala transformed from a small supportive gathering place to the Onala Recovery Center, and expanded its mission to provide men and women from all walks of life with a facility that offers an environment of recovery from alcohol, drug and other addictions through education, social interaction and fellowship. Click here to continue reading.

In the backyard of Countywide Petroleum’s Pittsburgh location is the Holy Family Institute (HFI), whose mission is to empower children and families to lead responsible lives and develop healthy and meaningful relationships built on faith, hope and love. As with many nonprofit organizations, the Holy Family Institute operates on limited funding with little available for repairs or maintenance of its facilities. As a result, it had been a number of years since the dining area had been refurbished. The floor tiles were worn and chipped, the walls needed a fresh coat of paint, the furniture was warped and ragged, and the serving area was inadequate to accommodate the number of people taking part in the Institute’s programs. Countywide Petroleum Company stepped in and sponsored the “Holy Family Dining Project”, a fundraising effort to renovate the facilities and provide a much needed upgrade to the kitchen and dining hall. Countywide Petroleum invested substantial resources to the cause, including setting up donation jugs at all BP Fueland Stores and having its employees lend a hand with the construction. With the hard work and perseverance of all involved, the Holy Family dining room underwent an incredible transformation. Beautiful hardwood floors replaced worn linoleum, and the expansive kitchen and seating area can now accommodate larger groups with full course meals. Residents, students, families and staff can now enjoy a beautiful and functional environment for years to come. Click here to read full story.

Continuing it mission to give back, Countywide Petroleum was a principal sponsor of the “Teal Ribbon Comedy”, an Ovarian Cancer Research Benefit seeking to raise money to assist the Magee-Womens Research Institute and its work to find a cure for this silent killer. Supported by BP Fueling Communities Program and headlined by Billy Gardell of the hit sitcom “Mike & Molly”, this Benefit was successful in bringing people together, spreading awareness and providing valuable resources about the work that Magee-Womens Research Institute is performing to bring health and wellness to women everywhere. Countywide Petroleum is honored to have played a role in this worthy endeavor.

Countywide Petroleum Company not only takes an active role in communities in which it operates, it remains active in causes across the world. “Hearts for the Hungry” is a non-profit organization providing food for hungry children in schools throughout Haiti. This school program provides each child with one nutritious meal a day throughout the year, which sadly is often the only meal the child will have that day. When funds are available, the organization provides schools and teachers with materials necessary to encourage education and promote growth and optimism among the children. “Hearts for the Hungry” believes the hope for Haiti’s future is an educated youth. By providing food, medical care and educational services, this charity offers opportunities to the children of a nation that has many difficulties, but endless possibilities. Countywide Petroleum Company supports this greathearted effort to provide children with hope and courage for the future.

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