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The Face of S.I.S.

Frank J DiDonato ExportedWhen it comes to creating a beautiful gas station/c-store, Frank J. DiDonato says, “From putting pencil to paper, to design and layout, to the completion of the job, you don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Frank and his team at S.I.S. design gas station/c-stores and then supply those stores with tanks, pumps, point of sale equipment, shelving, any equipment one might need. And they assist the store in achieving environmental compliance. With charm, humor, and classic good looks, for over fifty years he has served our region and Frank has a sterling reputation.  Born in Baden and a graduate of Ambridge High School, Frank attended Geneva College, served in the Coast Guard, and is revered by his large extended family. Frank is an accomplished musician playing the guitar, cello and bass, and played in a Hillbilly Band.

S.I.S. does all the installation and service for Countywide Petroleum Company; they wouldn’t use anyone else. S.I.S. gets most of its business through referrals from satisfied customers. An employee with ten years of service, J.R. Bachor says, “I’m happy about our association with Countywide Petroleum Company. They are trustworthy and they have helped a lot of people in the business.” J.R. added, “S.I.S. always goes the extra mile. With exceptional pricing, we provide the latest products and technology and caring personal service. We want to create an environment where our customer’s stores can reach their full potential.”