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Safeguard Your Location in the Winter

Wet FloorGas station lots, sidewalks, and outdoor steps need to have any snow accumulation removed in a timely manner. Apply salt to melt any icy spots. When a snow plow is needed, make sure to mark the locations of your gas caps with orange cones. Do not plow over them, as the blade will catch the lip of the lid and cause substantial damage. If unable to avoid the gas caps, only back drag or back blade over them. Make sure snow is pushed to a safe area and snow piles do not obstruct vision of traffic and pedestrians. Indoors, continually clean all walking surfaces, as customers track in snow, ice, water and excess salt. Put up caution or wet floor signs to warn customers of the potential for slip and fall. If you have a floor mat, keep it clean and make sure it doesn’t roll up and cause a tripping hazard.