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6 Simple Ways to Build a Better Image

MR Petroleum Indiana After AnotherSummer is here, which means the busy traveling season is upon us! Now is an ideal time to focus on increasing your station’s curb appeal. Did you ever consider why a consumer would choose a gas station down the street rather than yours? Research has shown that it’s not always about the price. In a recent study completed by a major petroleum retailer, sites that were clean, well-lit, and well maintained did 20% to 30% more volume than those that neglected these major details. Emphasis on keeping a clean and fully functioning facility at all times can drive business from a competitor’s location to yours. The following are some recommendations and cleaning tips that will get those potential customers off of the street and onto your lot.

  1. Your price sign is often the first thing a prospective customer sees. Be sure the sign is displaying the correct price at all times. Check for missing letters or numbers and any misspelled words. If your sign is digital, make sure the lights are fully functioning.
  2. Dispensers and pump islands are your primary interaction with your customers. Nobody wants to grab dirt and grime. Clean dispensers and nozzle handles with hot soapy water to remove any gasoline sludge. Keep dispensers looking up to date by replacing torn or peeling decals with the newest version. For dented and scratched panel risers and skirts, purchase replacement pieces for a quick fix that looks new. It is important to keep pump islands clean and free of gasoline spills. Power wash or deck brush the concrete to remove stains and other dirt build up.
  3. Make your station stand out. A fresh coat of paint to your building can make it look like new. Contact your distributor for colors and paint codes. Take time to repair any areas of the c-store that need work. An attractive and fully stocked c-store can increase your overall sales.
  4. Look up…at your canopy. Check for leaks and holes, the canopy’s main function is to keep your customers dry. Touch up areas where paint is chipping or rust is present. Replace light bulbs. It is proven that consumers feel safe in a well-lit environment.
  5. Inspect your parking lot. Repair potholes or cracks in the pavement. Re-stripe faded parking lines, do not forget about repainting handicap spaces as well. Take a broom and dustpan and sweep the site fully. Walk the perimeter of your property to collect any trash laying around.
  6. Landscaping is a great way to improve the look of your site. Remove weeds and replace them with colorful inviting flowers or shrubs. Keep grass cut down and manicured for a professional look.