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Sunoco: One of the Strongest Brands

Sunoco-980x607Countywide Petroleum Company is now branding gas-station/c-stores Sunoco, and is proud to supply Sunoco branded gasoline.

According to Bob Owens, President and CEO of Sunoco, “We completed our merger of Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco and have now officially started down the road of creating the best retail company in America. We look forward to traveling that road with you. In the past few months there has been a lot of inaccurate media noise. We have no intention of selling the business, and here’s why: Sunoco is one of the strongest brands in America. Sunoco means performance and reliability and Sunoco’s racing partnerships as the Official Fuel of NASCAR demonstrates this every week more powerfully than any other brand can and those partnerships are set to last for years to come. Sunoco is strong and stable. Sunoco is committed to being an excellent business partner that has delivered outstanding financial results with a high degree of consistency over the long term. This performance provides a great platform for continued growth. We intend to continue to do that to grow a bigger and better Sunoco branded network with every passing year.”

Countywide Petroleum Company wants its current dealers and prospective customers to know that due to a regional pipeline project, the Sunoco Youngstown Terminal is scheduled to shut down by the end of January 2013. There are no plans to convert this terminal to a natural gas facility. At the conclusion of the Allegheny Pipeline project in the later part of 2014, the Youngstown Terminal will open again as a gasoline terminal serving our branded customers. Sunoco’s supply department has adjusted supply to meet demand by adding access and inventory at the terminals in Aurora, Akron and Cleveland.

A Brand Means a Commitment to the Community

Brand ExportedIn different ways, BP, Valero and Sunoco all demonstrate good will by community involvement. When you brand your station, you echo these commendable sentiments. Confirming their commitment to the community, here are just a few of the recent charitable endeavors in which Countywide Petroleum Company took the lead.

Countywide was a principal sponsor of “Teal Ribbon Comedy,” an Ovarian Cancer Research Benefit starring Billy Gardell of the hit show “Mike and Molly,” to support the Magee-Womens Research Institute in their goal to find a cure for Ovarian Cancer. Countywide Petroleum tried to do their part to help fight this dreaded disease.

Countywide Petroleum also supported “Hearts for the Hungry,” a relief effort to feed and care for starving children in Haiti. With food, medical care and educational services, this charity offers opportunities to the children of a nation that has many difficulties, but endless possibilities. The main goal of this worthy charity is to provide these children with hope and courage for the future

Countywide also provided funding for the “Holy Family Dining Project,” to benefit a Pittsburgh Institute that incorporates Residential Programs; Family Counseling, Substance Abuse Services; Specialized Schools; Mental Health Counseling; Youth Workforce Development; a Parent-Child Literacy Program; a Nutrition Program and Energy Assistance Programs.  Holy Family Institute takes care of children who are alone in this world, and who need a helping hand. Through its own efforts and others, including BP and Valero, Countywide Petroleum built a beautiful dining facility to brighten the lives of these children, and the staff who care for them.

Brand your station and take a lively helpful role in your community. Countywide Petroleum Company proudly chooses to take a dynamic constructive role in the world in which we live.

Branded Gasoline Credit Cards

BrandedGasCreditCardsSmallThe new era of convenience for the customer carries with it a loss of profit for the small business. Paying at the pump with a credit card is faster and easier for the customer, but cuts into the profit of the location. In return for the privilege of accepting plastic, credit card companies charge retailers a processing fee for every card swipe. This swipe fee can range from 2% – 4% of the total purchase price. When fuel prices go up, credit card companies receive a windfall without providing any additional services, while the station owner sees margins shrink. What are station owners to do? It is not practical to refuse payment by credit card. Many stations are actively promoting their brand’s credit card. With lower processing fees than standard credit cards, branded gas credit cards provide the self serve convenience for the customer without the high credit card fees. Research has shown that when a consumer purchases a brand gas card, they become loyal to that brand, make more frequent stops to their favorite brand station and inevitably spend more money inside the convenience store. By using their brand credit card shoppers are also providing important data that the station can use to influence their marketing strategies and the merchandise they offer.